Through the years.....

Our family involvement with livestock started way back in the 1930's with the granting of grazing rights to my grandfather, Mnr. J.H.Erasmus : a Salt Transporter between Swakopmund and Windhoek - by Ox Wagon - no less!

When my father, Mr. W.F.Mans, a pharmacist, moved to the Khomas Hochland i.e.: the central highlands west of the capital Windhoek in 1967 most of the basic infrastructure had been completed. But the cattle were typical of the area: large, rangy Afrikander types with spread horns and well developed survival instincts.

The first Hereford bulls were purchased in the 1970's and after the trauma of adjustment lasting approximately two years, the resultant progeny were spectacular to behold.

These trails led to be the establishment of THE FORMIDABLE HEREFORD STUD in 1980 based on horned cattle with plenty of Syferpan breeding.    In 1990 my father retired and for the sake of uniformity the JOHN BULL HEREFORD STUD was born.

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