The breed Ombika Herefords was established in 1980. The name Ombika is a short version of the farm name Okawitumbika that means in the Herero language the place of water. The farm is situated approximately 130 km south east of Otjiwarongo in the Otjozondjupa region (bush savanna) in Namibia.

Mr. Chris Groenewald, a well-known name in the Hereford Society, those days convinced Harald Kebbel, my father, to start breeding with Herefords. By that time there were already a few Hereford breeders in South West Africa. An advert in the german newspaper fifty years ago reads:" Kalahari Rand registered Herefords - Bulls ready to mate for sale" by Mr. Fritz Kuhn. Already in 1974 bulls from the Wardent American Hereford stud were imported to South West Africa.

Our first registered female Herefords were bought from Mrs.Malherbe farming in the north of Namibia. In the beginning they were crossbred with the Afrikaner for the commercial market because there were thought that the Afrikaner had a better drought resistance. Later we switched over crossbreeding with the Brahman since the results were better and still having an animal that could cope with our dry country.

A big change in the breeding system had to be done in 1981 only one year after the breed took off. The grading system was changed since the consumers become a dislike for to fat meat. At that stage the Hereford had a disadvantage because it was to fat and to small. So we had to breed for a bigger frame with more red meat. Genes from a wider range like South Africa was brought in and good results showed off. Only five years ago we started with artificial insemination to get a bigger range of bloodlines.

The Windhoek show is normally the only competition we are taking part since we are only four Hereford breeders in Namibia at this stage. In the beginning of the nineties we also showed in Gobabis. Good results were achieved over the years like show champion and the slaughter ox competition as well as the carcass champion, all with Hereford blood. Last year we were one of the five finalists of the SA Stud Book Intervet Excellence awards for all beef cattle in South Africa.

Victor Lucky Charme H8, Sanniesguns What a Pace W31, Kenrusmark Geronimo G38 and Ombika Kabale 9701, a self bred bull, were and are still big names of bulls used in our stud.
At this stage our Hereford stud consists of 80 female animals and the Braford stud of 60.

We sell on farm and are normally present on a production sale in October each year.


This Hereford Bull is in our own stud
in use since 2007 and 2008.
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